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  • Press Release – Shif2rail project PINTA phase 1 final Conference held…
    The Shift2Rail project PINTA phase 1, coordinated by Alstom and with the participation of Bombardier, CAF, Deutsche Bahn, Faiveley Transport Italy, Knorr-Bremse, Siemens, SNCF and Talgo, organized the project’s final conference hosted by the ONCF, IFF “Institut de Formation Ferroviaire” and EMI “Ecole Mohammedia des ingénieurs” in Rabat, Morocco. Download the Press Release […]
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Shift2Rail’s 2019 Information Day: Open Call for Proposals – Date to be confirmed soon

About our next Info Day: Our next Information Day is planned to take in early 2019. The Information Day will provide an overview of the Shift2Rail Research & Innovation Programme, focusing in particular on the upcoming funding opportunities under the umbrella of the Horizon 2020 Programme.   Who can attend? This event is aimed at interested companies and research organisations that meet Horizon 2020 eligibility criteria and wish to carry out collaborative research and innovation…

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New Lightweight Antenna

Shift2Rail presents a new antenna, made of composite materials, which is substantially lighter than the conventional welded design made of steel. The new Composite Antenna has a weight of about 13kg  –  more than 45kg lighter than the conventional welded design made of steel. By using composite components instead of conventional steel parts, railway vehicles have a higher payload and a lower energy consumption. Composite material is a proven lightweight material suitable for many applications…

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Re-inventing the Wheel

Wheel maintenance accounts for a significant share of the maintenance costs of railway vehicles. Thus, engineers strive to design wheels that are ever more robust and better performing. Shift2Rail-funded research has developed a new wheel made of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI), which diminishes the tendency for polygonisation and reduces wheel and rail wear, noise emission and wheel mass. ADI is a cast material characterized by a favorable combination of strength and ductility and high wear…

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Preview of DAY 4 at InnoTrans: Final Day to Discover the Railway Systems of the Future

On these past three days the Shift2Rail stand has been buzzing with excitement, curious conversations and vivid activity. It has drawn a large number of visitors interested in new forms of mobility. On DAY 4 at InnoTrans visitors have the final opportunity to engage with our interactive demos, exchange ideas with our demo managers and experts and discover the railway systems of the future.   Today on the agenda: 10.00 am: Modular interior design 11.00…

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Synchronised Dance of Virtually Connected Trams

The Connected Trams demonstrator introduces radical innovations to the current Train Control and Monitoring System (TCMS), often referred to as the “brain of the train”. The goal: To increase the level of automation and make trains more cost-effective and safer. In a live demo, two trams located in Zaragoza in Spain move in a coordinated manner without any physical link at a constant distance of about 6 metres. The two vehicles are virtually coupled, which…

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Automatic Wagon Scans to Speed up Train Logistics

To find out what is inside a wagon today when it enters a freight terminal, operators need to manually record its reference number and other information such as the presence of hazardous goods.  This requires a lot of time and dedicated staff. A new Intelligent Video Gate will scan and transfer information on the wagons automatically as they enter the freight warehouse. Shift2Rail-funded researchers are developing an ‘Intelligent Video Gate’, able to recognise and transfer…

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