Project details

Project reference: 730569

Call reference: S2R-CFM-IP3-02-2016

Period: from 01/09/2016 to 31/08/2019

Project value: € 16 405 562,56

S2R (H2020) co-funding: € 7 290 632,50

Coordinator: Ansaldo STS S.p.A.

Project website: under construction

Complementary project to: In2Stempo In2Track IN2SMART

IP Coordinator: IP3 - Natalie Allen - Network Rail (


IN2SMART aims to contribute to the overall concept for Intelligent Asset Management based on the following three main interlinked layers:

  • Measuring and Monitoring systems to collect, process and aggregate a set of heterogeneous railway asset status data, by developing (when necessary) or applying specific monitoring systems or data diagnostic collection techniques.
  • Data management, data mining and data analytics procedures to process data from the field and from other sources by applying standard open interfaces to access heterogeneous maintenance-related data and developing analytic tools to automatic detect anomalies and predict railway assets decay towards prescriptive maintenance.
  • Decision making, maintenance strategies and execution procedures to develop a generic framework, based on the combination of traditional and data driven degradation models to pave the road for future decision support tools and systems.

IN2SMART will complement the work of the IN2RAIL lighthouse project to reach a homogeneous TRL4/5 demonstrator.