Project details

Project reference: 730668

Call reference: S2R-CFM-IP1-01-2016

Period: from 01/09/2016 to 30/11/2018

Project value: € 29 201 993,71

S2R (H2020) co-funding: € 12 977 366,25

Coordinator: Alstom Transport S.A

Project website: under construction

Complementary project to: PIVOT CONNECTA PINTA

IP Coordinator: IP1 - Xabier Perez – CAF (


PINTA addresses two key topics:

  • Development of concepts towards the next generation of traction Systems.
  • Management of wheel/rail adhesion.

Traction subproject focuses on the improvement of seven technical and economical performances of the Traction system that have been agreed and defined in Roll2Rail. These performances have to be improved on five different train applications. Traction subproject addresses the Shift2Rail MAAP objectives as follows:

  • Railway system LCC reduction by reduction in validation & certification cost.
  • Operational reliability increase via higher reliability/availability of components.
  • Train & Line capacity increase through weight, volume and noise savings of Traction equipment.

Adhesion subproject focussed on contributing in formulating new performance specifications for Adhesion Recovery Systems. Moreover, improved requirements for Wheel Slide Protection test procedures should be developed, followed by new specifications for Automatic Test benches. The Adhesion subproject main specific objectives are:

  • Improvement of braking degradation limit in poor adhesion condition.
  • Management of all adhesion conditions in a way that brake distances are optimised.
  • Improvement of the overall train safety, which relies substantially on the management of the wheel/rail contact.
  • Reduction of wheel Life-Cycle-Costs through optimised wheel/rail contact in braking.