Project details

Project reference: 730815

Call reference: S2R-OC-IP2-02-2015

Period: from 01/11/2016 to 31/10/2018

Project value: € 1 008 826,25

S2R (H2020) co-funding: € 1 008 826,25

Coordinator: Ingenieria y Economia del Transporte S.A., Beatriz Sierra -

Project website: under construction

Complementary project to: X2Rail-2 X2Rail-1

IP Coordinator: IP2 - Claudio Monti – Ansaldo STS (


The main objective of VITE project is to reduce on-site tests for signalling systems leading to reducing overall testing costs. To achieve this main objective the work is organized in two main streams:

First, to propose a testing framework by carefully analysing user’s needs and current situation and from there building a process that can be accepted by all railway stakeholders who will be able to perform as many tests as possible in the lab. An analysis of uncertainties and a simulation of GSMR QoS as well as a proposed methodology for test protocols optimisation will also be addressed.

Secondly, to propose a standard architecture for the lab testing including the interface specifications for both the connection between real equipment and the lab tools as for the connection between different labs for remote testing. This architecture will be developed together with some software tools that will help to automatise lab testing.

The expected impact of the project is to significantly contribute to the development of a Zero Onsite testing environment.