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Shift2Rail Brokerage Event Strasbourg

S2R Brokerage Event Strasbourg presentation

Shift2Rail Factsheet

Shift2Rail Factsheet 2018

Calls for Proposals for Members – Lump sum pilot project

Lump sum Webinars – 5 February – 7 March – 9 April 2018

S2R Coordinators day 14/11/2017 presentation
S2R Coordinators day 04/10/2016 presentation
Questions and answers during S2R Coordinators day of 04/10/2016

S2R presentations at Innotrans 2016:
  1. Interoperability and EURA (21/09/16)
  2. State Representative Group Workshop (21/09/16)
  3. Scientific Committee Workshop (21/09/16)
  4. S2R R&I 2016 – 2018 Including MAAP (22/09/16)

Calls for Proposals to non-JU Member : Info Day 20/01/2016 – Presentations:
  1. Welcome Speech and general introduction on the Shift2Rail JU
  2. General information on H2020 and Shift2Rail
  3. Shift2Rail Multi-Annual Action Plan
  4. Topics open to non-JU Members from the S2R 2015 calls for proposals
  5. Financial, legal and practical aspects: From submission of proposals to the award of grants:
  6. Video stream can be watched here with hyper link.

Information Day on Open Call for Proposals 2018 (12 December 2017) – Presentations:

Digital Transformation of Railways

ERRAC RAIL 2050 VISION document

ERRAC Press Release – 16/05/2018

Shift2Rail factsheet – 2016

Shift2Rail factsheet – 2014

Overview of Shift2Rail and its preparatory phase 

About the 4th Railway Package

Fourth Railway Package – Landmark deal will deliver better rail services to passengers

Transport: EU seeks out partners for joint rail research

The Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking – Frequently Asked Questions