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  • Innovation in the Spotlight: Next Generation of Running Gear Brings Lower C…
    Main benefits Radial steering and active suspension systems make train running gear more efficient and reduce the negative impact of vehicles on the track Innovative health monitoring systems enable maintenance based on real-time data for running gear and track Light weight and optimised materials improve running gear performance as well as wear and damages of wheels and rails Reduction of noise and vibration emission for a better rail […]
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Shift2Rail Regulation adopted

Meeting in Luxembourg on June 16, the European Union’s Council of Ministers formally adopted the Regulation establishing the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking to lead rail research and development over the next six years. Railway Gazette

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EU Council officially adopts the Shift2Rail Regulation; the Joint Undertaking for Rail Research is now a reality

Following the positive opinions released by both the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Parliament in March and April this year, this final Council’s adoption marks the end of the legislative process and the beginning of a truly new era for rail research and innovation in Europe. Shift2Rail is an unprecedented joint effort by the European rail sector and the European Union to create a step change in rail technology in order to meet…

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The European Parliament has also given a green light to Shift2Rail

Four months after the publication of its legislative proposal by the European Commission, the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking is now getting closer and closer to reality. March and April were marked by the agreements successively reached at the Transport Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and, very recently, at the European Parliament in this regard. It must be noted that the Commission’s legislative proposal was submitted to both the European Parliament and the European Economic…

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TTE Council supports SHIFT2RAIL

The Transport Ministers Council of the European Union (TTE), reunited at the middle of March, adopted its position on a draft regulation of the EU Council aimed to established a public-private partnership called Shift2Rail Joint Initiative that would manage a work program on research and innovation to support the development of better railway services across Europe. The Shift2Rail objective is to double railway transport capacity, to reduce lifecycle costs by 50% and to increase the…

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European railway industry deals with around EUR 1 Billion for research and innovation

“Rail is facing significant competition from other transport modes and, from other regions of the world; in order to combat this Shift2Rail combines a significant amount of EU and sector R&D resources with a long-term vision that will produce tangible results that contribute to the EU’s ambitious transport goals”, pointed out Olivier Onidi, Director for the European Mobility Network at the European Commission. RailwayPRO

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