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Study on the use of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in the Railway Environment

This Study on use of fuel cells and hydrogen in railway environment performed by Roland Berger on behalf of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU) and the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) is organised in four reports. The first covers the state of the art, business case and market potential for potential hydrogen rail applications. The second consists of ten specific case studies that cover the three main applications identified…

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  The Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) contributes to smart and sustainable growth by developing cutting-edge innovative solutions to create the railway systems of the future for passengers and freight transport mode. Funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme, the Shift2Rail JU addresses evolving needs of EU citizens, targets life-cycle cost & efficiency of rail systems, and develops the necessary technologies to complete the Single European Railway Area (SERA). The R&I Programme focuses on demonstration activities…

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Annual Activity Reports

  Multi-Annual Action Plan – Executive View has been adopted by the Governing Board in 2017. It provides a renewed mission oriented S2R Vision. Central to this vision is putting the customer in charge. The S2R Programme is the opportunity to deliver to European citizens the benefits of “disruptive change”, toward a usercentric railway system that excels itself, to connect people, regions, and business.    

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Multi-Annual Action Plan

  This document (Part A) provides an executive view of the updated MAAP, clarifying the S2R vision and its contribution to delivering European Union societal goals. It identifies the associated set of twelve new capabilities (Innovation Capabilities) S2R will help the railway develop and bring to market. It describes the S2R Programme as a whole — summarizing its purpose, structure, methodology, and content — and focuses on the series of intermediate steps by which it…

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