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Annual Work Plan and Budget

Annual Work Plans

*The Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP) for 2020 includes the Call for Proposals for 2020 with an estimated maximum S2R funding of EUR 75 million. As indicated here above, and in accordance with the calendar announced in the AWP2020,  the expected publication date of the S2R JU Call for Proposals for 2020 is 7 January 2020 with deadline on 21 April 2020. Nevertheless, the S2R JU Executive Director may decide to open the call up to one month prior to, or after, the envisaged date of opening or delay the deadline by up to two months. The budget amounts for the 2020 budget included in the AWP are subject to the availability of the appropriations provided for in the draft budget for 2020 after the adoption of the budget 2020 by the European Union budgetary authority or, if the budget is not adopted, as provided for in the system of provisional twelfths”.

Annual Budget and Establishment Plan