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  • The rail industry’s strong support for the continuation of Shift2Rail
    Last week during its General Assembly, the Presiding Board of the European Rail Supply Industry Association, Unife, voiced strong support for the continuation of Shift2Rail under Horizon Europe, stating: “Today, we call once again on the European Commission to help us stay at the forefront of innovation by proposing the continuation of the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking with a programme of activities of €3.3bn, supported by an EU Contribution of […]
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New Shift2Rail Call 2020 projects launched!

In our press release of 28 July we announced the grants awarded for a series of new projects worth €147.7 million with a Shift2Rail co-funding of up to €75.4 million. These projects have now been launched and will deliver key Shift2Rail results through technological demonstrators and pave the way to the successor programme. Find out more below! Innovation Programme 1 – Passenger trains Call for Members projects PINTA3 addresses the next generation of traction systems,…

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Shift2Rail’s cooperation with OBB on a H2 train – test phase successfully completed!

In September 2020, we reported here about our cooperation with OBB on a pioneer project in Austria, investigating the usage of hydrogen rail vehicles for passenger traffic.   The project was launched on 11 September 2020 to run for a three-month test phase, during which demonstration operations in passenger traffic have been carried out, with one hydrogen train on the OBB-Infrastrutktur AG rail network. The Alstom’s Coradia iLint, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell train,…

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Delivery of new smart maintenance concept & global safety framework!

Smart maintenance Safety Smart maintenance concept for maximising efficiency As a result of the work coming from several different projects funded by Shift2Rail on smart maintenance, a holistic approach for maintenance in the whole railway system using the opportunities afforded by interaction as well as mutual monitoring, has been conceived. Smart Maintenance (SM) relays on the 'Internet of Things' and 'Computerized Analysis Technologies' to optimise the maintenance of systems and thus improve safety, reliability, availability…

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RAIL LIVE 2020 – Online Event, 1-2 December

This year RailLive 2020 will take place on 1-2 December in a fully digital format. Shift2Rail’s Executive Director Carlo Borghini will moderate a panel to discuss creating infrastructure that can act as the pivot for the digitally connected transport industry of the future.   Our Programme Manager, Esther Bravo, will also participate to a panel discussion investigating how we can shape the future of mobility with end to end mobility services. Additionally, Shift2Rail will have…

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Shift2Rail and AKKA discuss a new mobility concept

Our Executive Director Carlo Borghini had a discussion with AKKA Technologies on a future mobility concept FLEXMOVE. The project investigates a possibility of allowing vehichles to move on rail tracks thanks to a special tyre-to-tracks technology. The concept could revitalize small railway lines which have progressively fallen out of use. FLEXMOVE is a road-to-rail vehicle concept which is currently being developed by AKKA Technologies. At its core is an electric vehicle that can be driven…

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Shift2Rail’s My-Trac collaborates with a new COVID-19 application

Building upon the research and innovation work performed in Shift2Rail and the My-Trac solutions resulting from the same project, Co-Aps, a new mobile application, will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by managing density in public transport and public spaces. Co-Aps is funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), showing a successful institutional collaboration between Shift2Rail and EIT Urban Mobility. If you often use public transport…

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