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  • Innovation in the Spotlight: Next Generation of Running Gear Brings Lower C…
    Main benefits Radial steering and active suspension systems make train running gear more efficient and reduce the negative impact of vehicles on the track Innovative health monitoring systems enable maintenance based on real-time data for running gear and track Light weight and optimised materials improve running gear performance as well as wear and damages of wheels and rails Reduction of noise and vibration emission for a better rail […]
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28% increase in number of applications for Shift2Rail Call for Proposals 2019

Europe’s railway Research and Innovation performers prove strong interest in deepening their collaboration as 2019 Shift2Rail Call for Proposals prompts requests for R&I funding worth €76.8 million. Following its 2019 Call, the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking received 50 proposals for a total value of €193.9 million and a funding request of €117.9 million (50% more compared to the available funding). 42 proposals were submitted as Open Calls, with a request for funding nearly three times the…

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Innovation in the Spotlight: Using Batteries for Maximum Operational Flexibility in Rail

  Main benefits Reduction of CO2 emissions by 20% per train, providing eco-friendly propulsion. Reduction of overall energy consumption by 20%. Noise reduction when operating in battery mode. In addition to the successful study and workshop on the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen technology for rail, Shift2Rail is also working to introduce innovative hybrid and battery-supported propulsion concepts for future energy efficient freight locomotives. The new technology will increase last mile operation flexibility, reduce CO2 emissions…

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Shift2Rail freight projects present their achievements in Munich

Experts working on Shift2Rail-funded projects on R&I for freight rail transport presented their results at a conference that took place on 18 June 2019 in Munich. The event clustered results from seven projects (ARCC, FR8RAIL, FR8HUB, SMART, FFL4E, M2O, INNOWAG) running under Shift2Rail’s freight innovation programme, known as IP5.  Participants had the opportunity to network and learn about the latest results of Shift2Rail R&I activities in freight rail. Innovations cover a wide spectrum of areas,…

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Joint Undertakings to find synergies with regional funds

A report launched on 20 May 2019 by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) invites regions and Joint Undertakings (JUs) to cooperate in order to steer innovation across Europe. The report explores different possibilities for collaboration mechanisms with European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds as part of regional research & innovation initiatives within the Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) context. “JUs can benefit from stronger links with S3 in order to maximise the impact of…

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Register for Ter4Rail London Summit!

The Ter4Rail London Summit will take place on 28 June 2019 at Newcastle University London. The event will focus on topics related to the future of European railway infrastructure. The Summit will be based on the ‘World café-method’ and discuss questions regarding personalised, seamless and connected mobility system for freight and public transport, and the evolution of the transport mode for the upcoming 30 years. Richard Harris, Director of Real ITS Global will also be…

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New #HydrogenTrain study on the use of fuel cells and hydrogen in the railway environment

Shift2Rail is delighted to be launching together with the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking a joint “Study on the use of fuel cells and hydrogen in the railway environment”. The study assesses the state of the art, the business case, the market potential, specific case studies and technical and non-technical barriers to the use of FCH technology in different rail applications. Read our press release about the launch of this study. The study and…

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