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Apply for Call for Proposals

Apply here for the Call for Proposals 2019

Shift2Rail Call for Proposals 2019 is open for submissions

Projects worth €150.3 million will be funded under the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking 2019 Call for Proposals for Research & Innovation activities. Application period is opened, based on S2R Annual Work Plan 2019. Submissions will be accepted until 18 June 2019.

With 18 topics of which 6 are open to S2R Members (CFM) and 12 to non-JU Members (OC), this Call is expected to raise high interest in the transport community and beyond.

The indicative H2020 co-funding made available by the S2R JU for this Call is €76.9 million, out of an estimated projects’ value of around €150.3 million.

The S2R JU is looking forward to a broader participation to the 2019 Call, both geographically and in terms of synergies, allowing for new S2R activities that will demonstrate to the sector at large the potential for innovation to deliver a bright future for railway.

Questions regarding the Call for Proposals 2019? Access here our latest Q&A available.

Please note that proposals may be edited and re-submitted multiple times until the call deadline/cut-off date, using the same proposal number. The system will only keep the most recent version that is submitted.

After the call deadline, the proposal may normally no longer be changed nor supplemented, unless it is to correct an obvious clerical error.

Candidates therefore take full responsibility for submitting and validating their proposal before the call deadline.

Moreover, participants are encouraged to take into account, in their proposal preparation, the clarifications to call-related issues that can be brought by the S2R JU through the Question&Answer process published on a regular basis in the Participant Register and on the S2R JU website up to 15 days before the call closure deadline.

Any further question can be addressed to Answers will be anonymised and published on this website. You may submit questions until Tuesday, June 4 17.00 CET.

How Shift2Rail Funding Works

As specified in Article 17 of the Shift2Rail Statutes (Annex I to Shift2Rail Founding Regulation), up to 70 % of the Shift2Rail JU budget will be implemented directly by the members of Shift2Rail JU (founding and associated members) and their affiliated entities following calls for proposals accessible to members only. At least 30 % of the Shift2Rail budget will be implemented through open, competitive calls accessible only to entities which are not members of the Shift2Rail JU (founding or associated), nor constituent entities of members in the form of consortia or groupings, nor affiliated entities either to the Shift2Rail JU members or to the constituent entities of members in the form of consortia or groupings.

As a consequence, the eligibility criteria is differentiated between members and non-members. For members it’s: S2R-CFM-IPX/CCA-XX-2019 and for non JU members it’s: S2R-OC-IPX/CCA-XX-2019. Details about the different types of calls are available in the subsections above and here.

The Collaboration Agreement document is a template aimed at assisting project beneficiaries in the context of S2R JU complementary grants in the drafting of their collaboration agreement required by their Grant Agreement.


Videos on Shift2Rail financial and legal details regarding the S2R Call for Proposals 2019: